18 Agustus 2017

1 Skuadron Helikopter Direncanakan di Kodam XIII/Merdeka

18 Agustus 2017

Kodam XIII Merdeka merupakan Komando Kewilayahan yang meliputi provinsi Sulawesi Utara, Gorontalo dan Sulawesi Tengah (photo : Penerbad)

Kodam XIII/Merdeka Ingin Punya Skuadron Helikopter

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, MANADO - Kodam XIII/Merdeka berencana menyiapkan skudaron helikopter.

Hal itu diungkap Panglima Kodam XIII/Merdeka, Mayjen Ganip Warsito usai peringatan HUT Proklamasi RI ke 72 di Lapangan KONI Sario, Manado, Kamis (17/8/2017).

"Kita memang ada rencana peningkatana alusista jadi lebih baik, selain Jenis senjata tempur, ada juga kendaraan tempur, bahkan dalam renstra (rencana strategis) akan ada skuadron helikopter," kata dia.

Skuadron helikopter bukan untuk gagah-gagahan tapi memang satu kebutuhan pengamanan teritorial NKRI.

"Geogreafis Sulut kan itui kepulauan, jadi butuh dijangkau dengan cepat salah satunya dengan helikopter," kata dia.

Ia mencontohkan, saat 17 Agustus 2017 ini seharusnya Kodam XIII/Merdeka mengirim bendera raksasa untuk dikibarkan di Pulau Miangas, pulau terluar utara NKRI. Tapi tertunda karena persoalan transportasi.

"Saya mau kirim bendera ke Miangas tak bisa kibarkan hari ini, kalau ada helikopter kan bisa cepat," ujar Warsito.


DST and Sonartech Atlas to Develop ADF Naval Capability

18 Agustus 2017

Sonartech Atlas and DST Group will explore new technologies to help build the ADF’s Naval capability in short time signal analysis (photo : Sonartech)

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced a new research partnership to pursue innovative maritime Defence technologies.

Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and Sonartech Atlas signed a three-year agreement today for research and development in Australian Defence Force (ADF) Naval capability for ships and submarines.

Minister Pyne welcomed this new partnership with Sonartech Atlas, signed in Adelaide as part of DST Group’s annual Partnerships Week.

“Partnering with small and medium enterprises is essential for building and maintaining Defence capability and enhancing Australia’s Defence industry,” Minister Pyne said.

“Under the new agreement, Sonartech Atlas and DST Group will explore new technologies to help build the ADF’s Naval capability in short time signal analysis, on-board signature management systems and multi-sensor detection, tracking and data fusion.

“This agreement will accelerate the transfer and commercialisation of these innovative technologies and contribute to building an Indigenous Defence industry that can meet the unique capability needs of the ADF.”

Sonartech Atlas is an Australian based systems engineering company specialising in the design and development of sonar systems for naval and civilian applications.

Partnerships Week is an annual external engagement event open to invited representatives from industry, academia, research agencies, Defence and stakeholders from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics community.

DST Group also leads the $730 million Next Generation Technologies Fund which complements the Defence Innovation Hub launched last year, as the core of the new Defence Innovation System outlined in the Defence Industry Policy Statement.

These two signature innovation research and development programs, together with the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, deliver on the Government’s $1.6 billion commitment to grow Australia's defence industry and innovation sector.


Turkey, Indonesia Team up in Defense, Enhance Military Ties

18 Agustus 2017

Anka armed drone (photo : gzt)

Collaboration between Turkey and Indonesia in the defense industry and the military is increasing as the two countries are engaged in joint production of tanks, drones, submarines, weapons and radar systems.

High-level diplomatic sources in Ankara told Daily Sabah that Ankara and Jakarta have recently intensified efforts to jointly develop defense industry mechanisms and share military experience.

Medium Tank

In this respect, a prototype for the Turkish-Indonesian tank has already been created and is set to partake in an official military parade in Jakarta in October. The sources did not provide the number of tanks that would be produced, but demand will be a determining factor.

Kaplan MT medium tank (photo : pentapostagma)

Defense industry experts said the tank will weigh around 35 tons, and will have a 700-horsepower engine. There will be two tanks in the first leg of production, one for Turkey and one for Indonesia. The development cost for the medium-weight tank is estimated at $11.5 million. The FNSS, a subsidiary of Nurol Holding, which operates in the industry, eyes the production of 40 tanks, while that number could go up to 200 if Indonesia is satisfied.

The KAPLAN MT tank is expected to make a powerful contribution due to its firepower and large ammunition options as well as its superior agility. A CMI Cockerill 3105 tower, equipped to fire high-pressured 105mm shells, provides the tank's firepower.

Type 214 - 1.800 tonnes AIP submarine (photo : TKMS)


One of the striking points in the joint venture is the production of submarines. The senior sources stressed that Indonesia wants to gain know-how and the deal is near completion. Experts said that the Turkish defense industry is producing six submarines in Turkey's Gölcük shipyard under the license of ThyssenKrupp. The first submarine is set to be delivered in 2021.

An Indonesian delegation has already paid a visit to Turkey to inspect the production process. There are only a small number of issues to be resolved before the two sides ink the deal, sources said. The first two submarines will be built in Turkey and the rest are planned to be jointly produced by an Indonesian company, experts said.

The sources said a Turkish delegation, including company representatives, will be in Indonesia next week to discuss the latest details regarding the submarine deal and other projects. An Indonesian delegation will be in Turkey in early September.

N-245 aircraft (photo : AIN)

Drones and Aircraft

Ankara and Jakarta have set their sights high, as the two countries are also engaged in projects to produce Turkish-Indonesian drones. Experts said Indonesia is willing to work on a model like the domestic drone produced in Turkey.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has also recently reached a framework agreement with Indonesia's PT Dirgantara Indonesia aerospace company to design a 50-seat aircraft.

Joint weapons production is not off the table, either. The two sides have not ruled out cooperation in the production of defense industry mechanisms.

While the two countries find various areas of cooperation, radar systems have been a significant example of what a Turkish-Indonesian alliance can achieve. The sources said a radar system produced by Turkish companies is already in use on Indonesia's borders.

The presidents of both countries portray a promising future for Turkish-Indonesian relations. "We agreed to expand our cooperation regarding submarine and drone building, and it will be followed up by teams from both countries," Indonesian President Joko Widodo said during a visit to Ankara in July. The Indonesian president asserted that Indonesia and Turkey are two countries with great potential to improve cooperation.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also stressed the importance of improving bilateral ties when he was in Indonesia in the summer of 2015. Emphasizing that the two countries are in harmony at different international platforms, Erdoğan said strong political, social and economic ties forged between the two countries would benefit the people of Turkey, Indonesia and the world.

See full article Daily Sabah

DND Chief Sees Need to Invest in Missile Defense Technology

18 Agustus 2017

Spike missile onboard SSV (photo : Update)

MANILA -- With the threats of long-range missile bombardment now a looming reality, there is a need for the Philippines to invest in missile defense technology to fully protect itself against these threats.

This was disclosed by Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana on Wednesday when asked on whether the country is planning to acquire such defensive capabilities in wake of North Korea's cancelled attempt to fire four intermediate-range missiles off the waters of Guam.

"Yes, definitely. Since future wars will be fought off with stand-off weapons, meaning those missiles launched from a great distances. We need to invest on defenses to protect ourselves," he added.

While acquisition of these capabilities are not slated for Armed Forces of the Modernization Program (AFP) Horizon 2, which will run from 2018 to 2022, the DND chief said it is possible that the country might initially acquire detection capabilities before the actual missile batteries themselves.

Horizon 2 is the phase where the AFP will begin the acquisition of multi-role fighters and other advanced weaponry.


Desain Kapal Cepat dan Korvet Kecil dari Damen

18 Agustus 2017

Rangkaian desain kapal kombatan rancangan Damen (all images : Damen)

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) galangan kapal besar dari Belanda yang memasok 6 kapal kombatan kepada TNI AL (2 Fregat Sigma 10514 dan 4 Korvet Sigma 9113) mempunyai range produk yang beraneka ragam diantaranya Naval Vessel, Offshore Vessel, Patrol Vessels, Ferries, High Speed Craft, dan lain-lain. 

Untuk kapal kombatan permukaan (Surface Combatant) galangan kapal ini telah menyerahkan pesanan kapal Angkatan Laut berupa : Destroyer (Air Defence & Command Frigate), Frigate, dan Corvette kepada beberapa Angkatan Laut di dunia.

Mungkin tidak banyak yang tahu bahwa Damen juga membuat rancangan Korvet kecil dan Kapal Cepat untuk melayani kebutuhan Angkatan Laut dunia.

Untuk membayangkan ukuran kapal dari Korvet hingga Kapal Cepat, dibawah ini adalah ukuran kapal kombatan permukaan TNI AL :
- Korvet Diponegoro class (panjang 90.7m, lebar 13.0m, bobot penuh 1.700 ton)
- Korvet Fatahillah class    (panjang 83.8m, lebar 11.1m, bobot penuh 1.450 ton)
- Korvet Parchim class (panjang 72.5m, lebar 9.4m, bobot penuh 950 ton)
- KCR-60 class FAC-M (panjang 60.0m, lebar 8.1m, bobot penuh 460 ton)
- FPB-57 class FAC-M (panjang 58.1m, lebar 7.6m, bobot penuh 445 ton)
- Mandau class FAC-M (panjang 53.6m, lebar 8.0m, bobot penuh 290 ton)
- KCR-40 class FAC-M (panjang 44.0m, lebar 8.0m, bobot penuh 250 ton)


Dimulai dari tipe yang terkecil, Damen membuat rancangan Kapal Cepat dengan panjang 59m dan lebar 10m, dinamakan Sigma Fast Attack 6610.

Damen juga membuat rancangan Kapal Cepat dengan panjang 66m dan lebar 10m, dinamakan Sigma Fast Attack 6610.

Untuk kategori Kapal Cepat, desain terbesar yang dirancang Damen adalah Kapal Cepat dengan panjang 73m dan lebar 10m, dinamakan Sigma Fast Attack 7310.

Laman Damen yang khusus membahas mengenai Kapal Cepat/FAC adalah : Sigma Fast Attack Craft


Damen memperkenalkan lini "SIGMA Compact" saat berlangsungnya pameran DSEI 2013, (Defence and Security Equipment International 2013) yang berlangsung di London, Inggris. Damen merancang kapal dengan konsep Compact SIGMA (Ship Integrated Geometrical Modularity Approach) yaitu semua hal baik dari sebuah kapal besar telah diciptakan kembali dalam versi yang lebih kecil, dengan ukuran kapal mulai dari bobot benam 680 ton sampai dengan 1.150 ton dengan panjang antara 66m sampai 80m.

Dalam pameran ini rancangan Korvet compact dari Damen adalah :
Compact SIGMA 8011 (1.151 ton bobot benam)
Compact SIGMA 7310 (   907 ton bobot benam)
Compact SIGMA 6609 (   679 ton bobot benam)

Korvet Compact/Compact Corvettes Damen ini secara khusus dibahas dalam laman  : Damen Compact Corvette


Ini adalah korvet dengan desain non-compact yang telah ditawarkan sebelumnya. Yang terkecil adalah Korvet dengan panjang 75m dan lebar 13m, dinamakan Sigma Corvette 7513.

Korvet dengan ukuran yang lebih besar lagi, dengan panjang 83m dan lebar 13m dinamakan Sigma Corvette 8313.

Korvet dengan ukuran terbesar sudah tidak asing lagi di Indonesia, karena sebanyak 4 kapal telah dibeli dengan nama Diponegoro Class, Korvet ini berukuran panjang 91m dan lebar 13m, dan dinamakan Sigma Corvette 9113.

Laman Damen yang khusus membahas mengenai Korvet/Corvette adalah : Damen Corvette

(Defense Studies)

Quickstep to Withdraw from Hawkei Programme

18 Agustus 2017

The Thales Australia Hawkei protected mobility vehicle. (photo : Thales)

Australian composite specialist Quickstep Holdings is planning to withdraw from the Thales Australia programme to build Hawkei 4x4 light protected mobility vehicles for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), it has been confirmed to Jane's .

The withdrawal is expected at the end of 2017 and follows Quickstep's announced intention to restructure its production activities, placing greater emphasis on the company's core carbon-fibre technologies. The restructure is intended to position Quickstep for "growth and profitability", according to the company.

Quickstep's subcontractor involvement in the Hawkei programme is based on an agreement signed with Thales Australia in October 2014 through which the company, which is based in New South Wales, has been manufacturing glass-fibre composites for the vehicle including its bonnet, side skirts, and mud guards.

A representative of Quickstep said in a statement, "Quickstep has undertaken a comprehensive review of all aspects of the Quickstep business, which was completed in July 2017.

"Quickstep confirms that subject to appropriate programme timing, the company will cease non-core programmes that do not fit with our future growth plans. This includes the Thales Hawkei project, which uses glass-fibre technology [that] is not aligned to Quickstep's business. We will complete current orders and plan to fill remaining orders through 2017."

A Thales Australia spokesman said the company is working with Tasmanian firm Penguin Composites to provide bonnets and other composite assemblies for the Hawkei, adding that "it is not expected that this will affect the delivery of the project".

Under a AUD1.3-billion (USD910 million) contract awarded in 2015, Thales Australia is leading the programme to build more than 1,000 Hawkei vehicles in collaboration with a wide range of Australian firms. Thales has segmented this supply work into around 30 major packages, including those related to heating, ventilation, and cooling systems; bonnet assembly; pneumatic and hydraulic systems; plastic components; and engine casings.


17 Agustus 2017

Six ScanEagle UAVs for Philippines Approved

17 Agustus 2017

Insitu ScanEagle UAV (photo : Insitu Inc)

Insitu Inc., Bingen, Washington, is being awarded $7,407,625 for firm-fixed-price order N00019F0235 against a previously issued basic ordering agreement (N00019-17-G-0001) for the procurement of six ScanEagle unmanned aircraft systems, related support equipment, training, site activation, technical services, and data for the government of the Philippines.  

Work will be performed in Bingen, Washington, (70 percent); and Hood River, Oregon (30 percent), and is expected to be completed in July 2019. 

ScanEagle's sensor (photo : dutchdefencepress)

Foreign military sales funds in the amount of $7,407,625 are being obligated at the time of the award, none of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  

The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity.

(US DoD)